Motion picture
Directed by and Screenplay: Rick Ostermann
Director of photography: Leah Striker

Today nine million children all over the world are on the run. They are the innocent victims of war and banishment. Many of these children lose their parents and their home.

During the turmoil of the second World War they have also become known as the so called „Wolf Children“ who desperately fought for survival in what was then East Prussia and in the Baltic regions.

This project is dedicated to them.

“Wolfskinder” tells the story of a boy who, driven by the desire to find his lost brother, joins a group of children in order to escape the turmoil of post-war anarchy and together they seek refuge in the enchanted forests of Lithuania.


Set in an East Prussian village under Russian occupation in the year 1947, the 14 year old Hans and his 9 year old brother Fritzchen lose their mother who dies of starvation during a hard winter.

On her death bed the mother asks Hans to look after his younger brother. Even though Hans seems less capable of coming to terms with the challenges to be faced than his young brother, he is given all the responsibility: They need to make their way through to Lithuania where some farmers have the children’s interest at heart.

On their way Hans loses Fritzchen while crossing a large river under attack. This marks the beginning of an odyssey in which Hans, driven by the desire to find his brother, joins a group of children on a journey to a foreign land and a fight against hunger, adverse weather and illness.

Rick Ostermann shoots with us his debut film "Wolfs Children". Accompanied by the TV channels HR and ARTE and funded by MFG Baden-Württemberg, Hessische Filmförderung and FFA.

"Wolfskinder" celebrates world Premiere at the 70th international Film Festival of Venice and had an acclaimed german Premiere on Max Ophüls Preis 2014. 

In 2014 "Wolfskinder" and director Rick Ostermann win the peace award of german films, "The Bridge" and the Franz Werfel Human Rights Award.
The film starts in the rental company Port-au-Prince Filmverleih in august 2014 in Germanys Cinema.